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HECSU group

The charitable objectives of HECSU are carried out by Prospects, which provides careers information, degree verification, labour market insights, and other services to students, graduates, university careers services and employers. HECSU is now part of Jisc.

Websites and services

HECSU's charitable objectives are carried out by Prospects, providing students, graduates, university careers services, employers and others with a range of services through its suite of websites.

  • Careers advice, jobs and postgraduate study opportunities is the UK's biggest graduate careers website with more than 2.4 million monthly browsers. The site guides students and graduates through every step of their career journey with employment and further study opportunities as well as unique careers content written by AGCAS and industry professionals.

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  • Labour market insights

    Luminate provides a fresh voice for the sector.  It houses the new online edition of What do graduates do? publication and is the primary repository for our reports and research. As well as being an indispensable labour market information (LMI) resource, Luminate provides views and insights from our own experts, such as Charlie Ball, as well as industry and sector guests.

    Visit the Prospects Luminate website

  • Degree and candidate verification

    Prospects Hedd is an online government-backed degree verification service which aims to combat degree fraud in higher education. It helps universities to manage incoming requests from employers, agencies and other universities in their candidate verification.

    Visit the Prospects Hedd website

  • Postgraduate course data

    Prospects Course Exchange uses XCRI-CAP feeds to manage the upload of postgraduate course data from higher education providers to Prospects and other postgraduate course marketing websites. The service includes a free validation service, Prospects Course Check.

    Visit the Prospects Course Exchange website

  • Research and insights

    From careers services and universities to employers and professional bodies, our bespoke research solutions are perfect for anyone looking to evaluate, develop or improve their student and graduate engagement.

    We can support you to analyse and interpret data, providing research intelligence that has significant business impact via our portfolio of; workshops and talks; data driven insights; research and surveys.

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